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Raw  [6]
Sisal and other textile fibers the genus Agave, raw.  [57]
Other abaca:  [3]
Other m2  [271]
Unbleached m2  [169]
Woven fabrics other vegetable textile fibers; woven fabrics paper yarn  [13]
Raw  [658]
Single  [254]
Other.  [65]
Other m2 Containing less than 85 percent by weight flax:  [1036]
Flax tow and waste  [4]
Coir yarn.  [116]
Single  [13]
Other  [1001]
Raw  [107]
Other. m2  [896]
Jute and other textile bast fibers, raw or retted.  [140]
Flax, raw or retted. Flax, broken, scutched, hackled or otherwise processed, but not spun:  [51]

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