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Semibleached t-Air Dry WeightConiferous:Bleached t-Air Dry Weight  [88]
Coniferous. t-Air Dry Weight  [45]
Coniferous. t-Air Dry Weight  [971]
Semibleached t-Air Dry WeightNonconiferous:Bleached t-Air Dry Weight  [26]
Other, including unsorted waste and scrap. t  [451]
Chemical woodpulp, soda or sulfate, other than dissolving grades: Unbleached:  [2]
Chemical woodpulp, dissolving grades. t-Air Dry Weight  [46]
paper or paperboard made mainly mechanical pulp (for example, newspapers, journals and similar printed matter):Newsprint tOther t  [492]
Coniferous. t-Air Dry Weight  [19]
unbleached kraft paper or paperboard or corrugated paper or paperboard t  [27]
Cotton linters pulp. t-Air Dry Weight Other:  [67]
Pulps other fibrous cellulosic material:  [303]
Nonconiferous t-Air Dry Weight Semibleached or bleached:  [41]
paper or paperboard, made mainly bleached chemical pulp, not colored in the mass:Other tHigh grade deinking paper and paperboard. t  [5]

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