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Other. X  [283]
Anthracite. t  [28]
Bituminous coal:Metallurgical coal tOther bituminous coal. t  [323]
Other aromatic hydrocarbon mixtures which 65 percent or more by volume (including losses) distills at 250 degrees C by the ASTM D 86 method. liter  [1]
Bitumen and asphalt, natural; bituminous or oil shale and tar sands; asphaltites and asphaltic rocks:  [7]
Other.  [65]
Calcined. t  [31]
Paraffin wax containing by weight less than 0.75 percent oil  [1180]
Petroleum jelly.  [93]
Tar distilled from coal, from lignite or from peat, and other mineral tars, whether or not dehydrated or partially distilled, including reconstituted tars liter  [93]
Other. t  [428]
Coal gas, water gas, producer gas and similar gases, other than petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons. Ths m3  [2]
Naphthalene. liter  [139]
Briquettes, ovoids and similar solid fuels manufactured from coal t  [1]
p-Xylene. literOther literXylenes:o-Xylene. liter  [59]
Other coal. t  [391]
Other. X In gaseous state:  [290]
Other residues petroleum oils or oils obtained from bituminous minerals. t  [548]
Propane. Bbl  [152]
Peat (including peat litter), whether or not agglomerated. t  [768]
Natural gas. Ths m3  [117]
Coke and semicoke coal, lignite or peat, whether or not agglomerated; retort carbon:  [3]
Creosote oils liter  [3]
White mineral oil, medicinal grade. BblCondensate derived wholly from natural gas. BblQuenching or cutting oils. BblKerosene (except motor fuel or motor fuel blending stock) BblOther, except white mineral oils BblHaving a Saybolt Universal viscosity at 37.8 degrees C more than 125 seconds (heavy fuel oils) Bbl Motor fuel:Other. BblOther. Bbl Testing 25 degrees A.P.I or more: Having a Saybolt Universal viscosity at 37.8 degrees C less than 45 seconds (light fuel oils):Insulating or transfor  [4164]
Bituminous mixtures based on natural asphalt, on natural bitumen, on petroleum bitumen, on mineral tar or on mineral tar pitch (for example, bituminous mastics, cut-backs) t  [485]
Pitch coke  [24]
Not calcined. t  [225]
Testing 25 degrees A.P.I. or more. BblTesting under 25 degrees A.P.I Bbl  [5698]
Other. Light oil. literCarbon black feedstock BblCarbazole having a purity 65 percent or more by weight Metacresol, orthocresol, paracresol and metaparacresol, all the foregoing having a purity 75 percent or more by weight Picolines. Other:  [39]
Pitch.  [6]
Petroleum jelly; paraffin wax, microcrystalline petroleum wax, slack wax, ozokerite, lignite wax, peat wax, other mineral waxes, and similar products obtained by synthesis or by other processes, whether or not colored:  [4]
Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals, other than crude; preparations not elsewhere specified or included, containing by weight 70 percent or more petroleum oils or oils obtained from bituminous minerals, these oils being the basic constituents the preparations: Distillate and residual fuel oils (including blended fuel oils): Testing under 25 degrees A.P.I.: Having a Saybolt Universal viscosity at 37.8 degrees C 45 seconds or more but not more than 125 seconds (No  [5]
Butanes. Bbl  [195]

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