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Other.  [20]
Feather meal. Other Other:  [1557]
Other. Cantharides; glands (other than pancreas), organs and other animal products used in the preparation pharmaceutical products . Pancreas glands. Ambergris, castoreum, civet and musk; cantharides; bile, whether or not dried; glands and other animal products used in the preparation pharmaceutical products, fresh, chilled, frozen or otherwise provisionally preserved:  [67]
Other.  [69]
Horsehair (as defined in note 4) and horsehair waste, whether or not put up as a layer with or without supporting material  [51]
Feathers a kind used for stuffing; down  [311]
Guts, bladders and stomachs animals (other than fish), whole and pieces there : Prepared for use as sausage casings:Hog Other Other.  [1129]
Other.  [32]
Coral and similar materials, unworked or simply prepared but not otherwise worked; shells molluscs, crustaceans or echinoderms and cuttlebone, unworked or simply prepared but not cut to shape; powder and waste there  [453]
Products fish or crustaceans, molluscs or other aquatic invertebrates; dead animals chapter 3  [209]
Human hair, unworked, whether or not washed or scoured; waste human hair.  [358]
Pigs', hogs' or boars' bristles and hair and waste there .  [3]
Natural sponges animal origin.  [23]
Dairy cattle. No.Other cattle. No.Other. Other: Cattle embryos:  [90]

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